• Education sector should be prioritising network connectivity

Having a constant connection to the internet is helping to change the way students and teachers approach education, according Mario di Mascio, executive director at Virgin Media Business.

This level of connectivity is making it easier than ever to connect with knowledge and resources from around the world. With many schools providing pupils with access to laptops and tablets, it is becoming more important that schools offer a strong Wi-Fi network so pupils can access cloud-based learning tools and digital resources.

This has become even more significant due to the growing trend of schools to introduce bring your own device (BYOD) policies – whereby students can use devices from home in class.

“You have to make sure you provide a consistent high level of service, because if you lose that one hour of connectivity, then you lose one hour of learning and that’s an hour the students are never going to get back,” said di Mascio.

Looking towards the future, where schools are incorporating more technology into teaching methods, it will become increasingly vital that students can stay constantly connected. With a more reliable connectivity, pupils will enjoy a faster pace of learning with less scope for cognitive drift.