• devolo WiFi solutions. A focus on professional users and industrial customers

Together with products for end customers, devolo has established three business areas for commercial users and industrial products. While devolo Business Solutions ensures perfect connections in commercial applications, the Operator Solutions company area outfits telecommunications providers and Internet service providers. Additionally, the power industry is a driving force with its demand for an innovative communications solution for the smart grid.

With WiFi products from devolo, it couldn't be easier to turn any socket into an Internet connection.

In no time and without the need to route cables, you have WiFi and standard LAN ports for connecting all network-compatible devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and WiFi speakers to the Internet.

The days of poor WiFi signals are over: The dLAN® WiFi adapters bring the Internet signal over the electrical wiring into any room. Low ranges are no longer a problem − receive WiFi at any electrical socket with the devolo dLAN® adapters.

The WiFi adapters from devolo use the power line to bring the router signal through walls and ceilings without signal loss. This way the entire family is able to finally enjoy a stable WiFi connection in any room. The dLAN® WiFi adapters are ideal for the mobile use of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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