• BBC micro:bit paving the way for the ‘digital pioneers of the future’

The BBC mirco:bit has the potential to be a ‘seminal piece of British innovation’, according to Tony Hall.

The director general of the BBC said that these small budget computers will allow a generation of children to be the ‘coders, programmers and digital pioneers of the future’.

The BBC has delivered over one million of the devices to pupils across the UK free of charge, as part of its ‘Make it Digital’ initiative.

Pupils can learn to create codes and are able to turn their micro:bit into a bespoke device by connecting it to other devices and sensors. It is hoped this will help users to become more adept at coding as they experiment and invent. 

The devices have been given to Year 7 students in England and Wales, and their equivalents in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each device given to a student will be their own to keep, which means they will be able to continue developing their devices in any way they choose as they progress through their school years.

Head of BBC Learning, Sinead Rocks, claim that the benefits of investing in this technology were clear for pupils. She said: “They’ve already come up with all kinds of ideas during testing and at events around the country - some ideas help solve some of life’s daily challenges, some could have business potential, and others are just great fun.”

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