• Acer X123PH Projector

Best-value projection

  • Expressive display
  • Enhanced usability
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Eco-friendly functionality

Acer X123PH features a variety of functions including the following.

ColorBoost 11+ is an advanced feature which refines the waveform to improve optical colour performance based on lamp spectrum and colorwheel properties. ColorBoost 11+ brings natural colour temperature: improving natural colour temperature from a refined waveform to achieve optical colour balance. Content-based colour brightness improvement: combining Acer eView Management which offers varied scenario modes with colour-specific refined waveform to improve colour brightness according to content With DLP 3D ready, user can view any 120 Hz 3D frame sequential content from a PC with appropriate 120 Hz graphic card and 3D stereoscopic player or any Blu-ray Disc title from a Blu-ray Disc (BD) player and HQFS 3D DVD title from an NTSC DVD player by wearing DLP 3D glasses.

Acer projectors featuring ColorSafe II are virtually immune to colour decay, such as the yellow or green tint on images displayed by some projectors that have been used for extended periods of time. Acer projectors take advantage of DLP technology to guarantee picture integrity even with prolonged use. Extended lifespan and consistent image quality lower the total cost of ownership and translate to big savings. Acer EcoProjection is a complete environment-friendly power management solution that reduces standby power consumption by up to 90%, from 5 W to 0.5 W. Also featured in the Acer EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower Management for customized power-saving configurations.