• The Inception MLC800 Series from Origin Storage

Origin Storage Inception MLC800 Series offers cost effective high-capacity storage as well as great performance and reliability. The SSD series fully consists of semiconductor devices using NAND Flash Memory which provide high reliability and high performance for a storage media. The series product is perfect for the computer enthusiasts who want to improve the system performance in the easiest way.

The Inception MLC800 Series complies with SATA-standards and is electrically compatible with a serial ATA disk drive. In order to meet the high standard level we promise, the drives use a high performance SATA-III controller, and multi-level cell (MLC) NAND Flash memory. In addition, it supports external DRAM(256M/512M).

Inception MLC800 is very easy to install and is available as a stand-alone or a solution that includes all the accessories you’ll need. It’s backed by a three-year warranty, free technical support and Origin’s reliability.

  • Supports SATA Interface rate of 6Gb/s
  • Ultra high-performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Dynamic power management
  • TRIM Command supported 

Interface: SATA

Capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Endurance: Total Bytes Written (TBW):
128GB drive: Up to 262TB

256GB drive: Up to 524TB

512GB drive: Up to 1048TB

1TB drive: Up to 2096TB

Warranty: Limited three-year warranty

Dimensions: 69.8mm x 100.2mm x 7mm

Weight: 80g

For installation and warranty information,
Please visit originstorage.com



  • Reliable- solid-state drives are less likely to fail than standard hard drives, due to having no moving parts
  • Cost effective- lower energy usage and greater productivity with higher IOPS
  • Faster- almost instantaneous data access, quicker boot process, faster file transfer
  • Less power consumption- energy efficiency can deliver longer battery life in notebooks, less power strain on the system