• Google’s “Connectivity Bridge” will act as medical sensor hub

A life sciences business started by Google (now Alphabet) is developing a gadget that will collect and sync medical information for people participating in clinical studies, according to reports.

The Connectivity Bridge, which was discovered in FCC filings, will bring together hardware and big data analysis. It appears to have been designed to act as a wireless hub, installed in homes or medical facilities, so that patient data collected with various sensors can be uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

The device has the potential to act as a wireless hub which can be installed anywhere, communicate with various close-proximity sensors and upload the collected data. It is assumed that high powered computers will then carry out big data analysis.

Verily (the new name of Google Life Sciences) has stated that it aims to proactively tackle health problems, and is currently conducting various tests and trials to learn about everything from MS to human longevity. Participants in the tests currently use Study Kit, which is a suite of apps and devices that help collect health data.

Connectivity Bridge is predicted to be the crucial component to the entire Study Kit, as it will not only sync data from other devices, but also charge them.