• Document scanning - Productivity gains for the smart office

From the day you plug in a new printer or copier it starts costing your business money. Plug in a scanner and it can actually save you money. Scanners cost about the same as a printer, and today a dedicated scanner will scan documents at the same speed most printers spit them out – double-sided too!

Scanning incoming documents allows them to be saved straight to the local PC or network, providing easy access and sharing of the information. This immediately decreases the need for further copies, speeds up communications, allows documents to be transmitted worldwide in seconds and reduces additional direct and indirect costs such as the cost of storage, paper, postage, time in retrieving information and so on.

Additionally scanning at source and merging with your digitally born documents will help address disaster recovery planning concerns, help address and enhance compliance in accordance with legislative change, the deterioration in quality over time of paper and legal admissibility. Document scanning ultimately can lead to a smarter way of working offering a business process agility that can lead to productivity gains and cost savings, greater collaboration, a greener workplace, increased customer satisfaction and a notable return on investment.

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap range offers one button scanning technology embedded with a host of automated intuitive features. The products offer a true scan anything scan anywhere mentality making them ideal for home or away, small to large business environments and across a range of applications. The ScanSnap family of scanners bring duplex multi-sheet scanning to everyone, combining performance and affordability in a compact size.

ScanSnap models are designed to take the hassle out of pre and post scan involvement thereby freeing up time for other tasks. ScanSnap will automatically detect the size of the document scanned and display a cropped image accordingly, scanned images will be automatically rotated, any scan skew eliminated, blank pages deleted, colour is detected to help minimise file size and an intuitive Quick Menu will allow for the speedy distribution to an application of your choice.

ScanSnap models are bundled with a host of productivity enhancing software including:

ScanSnap Organizer allows you to view, manage and edit PDF and JPEG files scanned with ScanSnap. Organizer allows users to convert scanned PDF files into searchable content, embed custom keywords, attach to email or SharePoint.
ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap allows for the automatic text and image conversion of scanned documents to create editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
CardMinder enables for the scanning of business cards and the import of data to a database package
ScanSnap Receipt allows you to easily scan and extract information off of your receipts, and even export the data for tax filing.
ScanSnap Sync helps to easily and automatically synchronise with multiple devices
Scan to Microsoft SharePoint for enhanced collaboration

ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner - watch the video below