• Two thirds of universities say students pose the biggest cyber risk

Almost two thirds (63%) of universities claim students pose the biggest cyber risk, according to a study by VMware.

The research found that a third of higher education institutions in the UK face cyber threats every hour – with two thirds saying the greatest dangers lies internally.

The study surveyed, IT decision makers at 50 universities across the UK, revealing that 43% have had exam results infiltrated. Over four in five also believed that attacks were increasing in sophistication and frequency.

VMware said that 64% of IT professionals at universities didn’t believe that their current security measures would be good enough to deal with attacks in the next year.

Tim Hearn, director of UK government and public services at VMware told the Telegraph that the battle with cyber security is ongoing.

"It's a particular challenge for universities because they work in an environment where they want to maximise collaboration and communication and not put any barriers in the way to stop that from happening.

“But there needs to be pragmatic steps in place to protect students and protect the reputational position of the university, so getting the balance right between fostering a collaborative environment, but at the same time protecting data, is quite difficult to get right.”