• Technology is helping teachers tackle excessive workloads

Technology can help teachers to tackle excessive workloads and reduce stress, according to a new study by Advanced Learning.

The software firm’s research found that 53% of teachers are considering leaving the profession over the next two years, in part due to an escalation of workloads.

The study, entitled ‘An integrated education. Can technology genuinely reduce teacher workload?’, also revealed that 56% of teachers admitted they are frustrated by the amount of recording, inputting and monitoring of information required.

The report argued that the intelligent use devices and software, however, can save time and allow teachers to concentrate on teaching.

John Roberts, ed-tech innovator and entrepreneur, said: “With many disruptive technologies reaching maturity, schools no longer have to compromise on quality and can take advantage of modern solutions, which meet for their specific needs.

“Cloud-based solutions, wearable technologies and personal low-cost devices automate manual data entry procedures and have enormous potential to dramatically reduce the workload of teachers and allow them to do what they do best: teach.”

The report said out-dated IT infrastructure and systems are the major reason for time being wasted on recording data. It said cloud-based systems can streamline the collection and reporting of reliable, decision-driven data. This can also provide schools with a single source to communicate content and analysis.