• Scottish school’s digital creativity outstanding

A Scottish primary schools which has put digital creativity at the heart of education has been hailed as ‘outstanding’ by the national inspectorate.

Middleton Park Primary School’s Live Learning initiative has seen pupils creating films and animations using digital technology. In total 200 films have been shared on the internet and they have received 50,000 views in over 80 countries. One film saw the school shoot Macbeth in Mandarin, to share with their partner school in China.

The Aberdeen’s school’s forward thinking approach to multi-media has now been praised by education officials.  Aberdeen City Council Leader, councillor Jenny Laing said: "The report released today is a testament to the leadership and vision of (headteacher) Jenny Watson.”

"Digital and creative learning is not all about giving every child a tablet. Technology is, of course, important but a school without a clear strategy of purpose will not succeed no matter how advanced the resources.

"What we have seen here at Middleton Park is a game-changing approach to education and the results speak for themselves. The staff, pupils and parents, who have all worked together over the past year, should all be very proud of themselves. We are immensely proud of them."

The Scottish school received ‘an unprecedented’ Excellent in 11 out of 12 Quality Indicators, which determines the success in meeting the Curriculum for Excellence, during its inspection.