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Technological advancements have fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate - do you IM, Email, Text, interact via apps, phone or simply get up and talk to the person?  This instant connection with people has been the driving force behind the shift to mobile working. The mobile workforce is on the rise with, with a prediction of 42% of the global workforce to be mobile within the next three years.

Although not all job roles suit the nature of being mobile, those which do look to their IT managers for support and guidance. So it is imperative that they are the ‘shining’ examples of how to work on the go.  In order to work efficiently whilst out of the office users need to be ‘packing the right kit’. We asked our IT Managers what they couldn’t live without whilst on the go.

It goes without saying really. An IT Manager is never that far from his/her mobile, with mobile devices being the most popular form of communication whilst on the go. Businesses need to think of what tariff they put users on – if they are out of the office a lot higher data allowance or minutes might be required. Each tariff should be decided based on the user’s needs.

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Power Bank
IT Managers who are on their phone’s all the time might find themselves in that dreaded situation of having no battery. By carrying a power bank the risk of being in this situation is reduced (if not eliminated).  There are a lot of power bank options out there, some are small enough to fit in your pocket whereas others are larger and will require a bag.  Another important thing to think about is capacity, most devices do not offer the full advertised capacity as energy is lost through heat and voltage conversion – users need to think carefully about how much power is really going to be needed.

Due to its lightweight nature (with most modern weighing three pounds or less), Ultrabook’s are the go to choose for IT Managers on the go, producing power and portability with long lasting battery life. 

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Wireless Mouse
Trackpads have their limitations and can become quite inefficient, most mobile users will carry wireless mice with them.  Users need to think about; range, ergonomics and space before purchasing.  Range – the further away users are away from the mice the less connectivity they will have, how far are users going to be away from their devices when they are used? Ergonomics – with the amount of time spent using mice users need to make sure their grip suits the chosen mouse. Space – how much space is in the IT Managers bag, maybe consider a foldable mouse.

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Portable devices are losing ports left right and centre making connecting to larger displays for that all important presentation a task. This is where it is necessary for IT Managers to be prepared and have various adapters to suit the different situations they might encounter. The most popular adapters are USB to HDMI, VGA and Ethernet.

Conference Unit
Although away from the office, the meetings don’t stop for IT Managers. Whilst using a mobile might cut it – it is not the best option for multiple users, this is where a conference unit comes in. Unlike mobiles, conference units have in-built noise and echo cancellation features and allow users to talk on the move. 

Headphones with microphone
Multi-use, headphones always come in handy - be it, taking a call hands-free, listening to the latest company video release or simply listening to music. There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to headphones, users need to make sure they are getting the right ones for the job for this they need to think about form factors and special features. Headphones come in a number of different styles - earbud headphones make the better choice for users who are conscious about space, however, don’t offer the same sound quality as over- the-ear headphones. Over the ear headphones offer users better sound insulation but are, however, bulkier headphones are not ideal for those frequently on the go.

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Whilst on the go, IT managers are hardly going to be stacking up items in their hands or carrying them around in a 5p carrier bags. Rather carrying everything around in one bag that offers all the benefits of both protection and comfort. If managers are on the go more than they are in the office they need to be wary they do not choose a bag that is style over substance.

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