• Students’ use of technology should be supported

Although the integration of technology into education is vital, a senior academic has waned universities that they should remember traditional student support is still important.

Dave White, head of technology enhanced learning at the University of the Arts London, said that the use of technology within lectures shouldn’t leave students feeling isolated.

"My worry is that as we get more and more efficient at e-learning and the digital, we provide more flexibility for the students, but in actual fact that alienates the students because they have less reason to turn up,” said White.

“It’s important to provide that flexibility, but one of the key things we find (is) that idea of being communal is what helps students feel like they belong to the institution.”

With more than two in five (44%) of the exhibitors at the recent Bett 2016 educational technology conference targeting the higher education sector, the universities market is booming. White warned, however, that students often have ‘a more conservative view of what a course is than the staff’.

“What we see time and time again is that students do not consider themselves to be experts in technology in any way, shape or form,” White said.

“Any institution that starts with the implicit idea that students feel like they’re reasonably technically adept – that will fail. Students look to the institutions to help them.”