• 8 in 10 Businesses are Operating Without Correct Software Licenses says Probrand

A survey by technology services provider, Probrand, has found that 87%* of businesses do not have the correct software licenses to cover the number of users.  This is leaving many organisations either wasting money on over-licensing or on dangerous unlicensed and illegal territory. 

Probrand believes lack of understanding and the complexity of software licensing could be inflating this trend.  Time strapped SMBs have the biggest under license issue, leaving them most at risk of legal challenge from vendors or the Business Software Alliance.

Probrand software department lead, Rachel Campbell, said: “Many businesses are so confused or timer and cash strapped they are allowing software licenses to lapse without renewal.   

“Alternatively, businesses are renewing without re-counting the number of licenses they actually need.  This leaves them under or oversubscribed using the same license for multiple machines or renewing licenses for PCs or users no longer with the business.        

“Put simply, 87% of businesses are either wasting money on over-licensing or are at risk of court action due to under licensing their user base.”

Larger organisations are more likely to comply with greater resources to manage software licensing, so enforcement organisations and software vendors are now moving their focus to smaller and potentially more defenseless businesses.

“SMBs in particular have the biggest under license issue and are most at risk of legal challenge,” Campbell continues.

“The renewal of software or Software Asset Management is a big problem for private and public sectors alike.  Indeed growth organisations have an issue when they forget to add seats when they recruit new staff. 

“Put simply, from an asset management perspective, the intangible license often gets forgotten.  But compliance is critical.”

Probrand has opened a specialist software licensing department and free supportline to help businesses tackle the software asset management nightmare.

The new department aims to support the business community in tackling the licensing minefield with free help, strategic guidance and specially ‘approved’ deals as well as finance to support the growth trend of spreading costs. 

The department has extensive knowledge of products and licenses across multiple vendors and includes deep understanding of Cloud solutions and hosted security as well as ongoing support.

Probrand’s software helpline is 0161 920 5273.