• UK sees surge in datacentre demand

There was a huge uptick in demand for UK datacentre colocation space during the second quarter of 2016, according to research by datacentre solutions group CBRE.

The company’s quarterly review of datacentre supply found that 35.5MW of power was taken up across London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam between March 30 and June 30. London accounted for 15.8 MW of this, a significant growth.

The report cited the increasing demand from UK public sector organisations as a key driver of the growth in demand for datacentre space. “We saw a significant amount of take-up from institutional-type organisations, which marks a shift from previous quarters, when nearly all the demand came from IT infrastructure companies,” the report said.

Of the four European Tier 1 cities, London recorded the biggest take-up of power, followed by Frankfurt with 10.5 MW, Paris with 7.4 MW and Amsterdam with 1.8 MW.

However, the research was conducted just a few days after the UK voted to leave the European Union and, as such, did not take into account any change in the market resulting from this. It remains to be seen how Brexit will affect the flow of data between the UK and EU member states.

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