• Most UK businesses will increase cloud usage over the next year

The majority of organisations in Britain believe that they will become heavier consumers of cloud services over the next 12 months, research from Computing has revealed.

The report revealed that although 77% of companies currently make limited or no use of cloud services, 75% think that their usage will increase by this time next year. Just 18% thought that their level of cloud usage would remain the same over the coming 12 months. Two percent think they will use less in future, and 5% “don’t know.”

When asked to respond to the question "Are you using cloud computing services?", 54% of organisations surveyed said that they use it “to a lesser extent”, 10% are “trialling” it and 13% are not using it at all. A key reason given for migrating to the cloud was its ability to replace outdated hardware.

The study comes in the wake of earlier research from Computing which showed, in July of this year, that the number of companies who only use the cloud for computing is set to rise by 1,500% in three years.

By 2019, 15% of businesses are expected to have adopted a ‘cloud-only’ approach, compared to just 1% in 2015 and 2% who believe they operate in this manner today.  

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