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A New Year brings excitement, amongst new challenges. With the technology landscape ever changing 2017 is set to bring us a new range of products, transforming how businesses operate.  With the world becoming more intelligent, digital services and products will be fully embedded into the digital business of 2017. Here are our predictions of what the New Year will bring.


Skyrocketing storage prices
The demand for SSD is rising rapidly, being the preferred storage method for most new devices. The NAND market, however, is unable to keep up with these demands - heading into 2017 it has become over-saturated and is struggling to keep up. Stockpiles from when the shortage was first reported have all been used up. What does this means for you? Prices of not only SSD’s but laptops, convertibles, computers and storage are all set to skyrocket in the next coming months. The SSD product range is set to reduce dramatically. Bringing purchases forward should allow you to avoid such high costs.

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Battle of the chips
For a long time now Intel has enjoyed being in the lime light for being the ‘top dog’ of the chip market, being unchallenged for nearly a decade. However, 2017 brings a new competitor, with reports of AMD releasing their new processor ‘Ryzen’ later this year.  Little is known about AMD’s new processor other than its eight core and 16 thread being rumoured to be faster than Intel.

The New age of Bluetooth
It’s now been three years since the last Bluetooth release, and as expected the 4.2 model has aged considerably. Laptops and convertibles are predicted to be equipped with Bluetooth 5 early this year, allowing them to communicate with devices 400m away (quadruple the amount of the 4.2 release) at double the speed. Most importantly this new release is IoT friendly, allowing nodes within a larger environment to be connected, and more impressively adds functionality for location-based information and navigation.

Even less ports
In 2016 we some vendors taking big risks removing vital ports from devices, like the headphone jack. Not all vendors are happy to take such risky moves, however, with the advances and increased adoption of cloud storage there are rumours that USB 2.0 slots could be removed. This brings storage opportunity for the type-C USB, which is more versatile in nature, currently used for charging devices.


The mobile workforce
With an ever-increasing mobile workforce, and a predicted global mobile workforce of 1.87 billion by 2020, mobility is set to be a high priority for companies this year. Companies need to consider their BYOD and device policy in order to keep up with the increasing demands and risks of the mobile workforce.  

Growing concern – cyber security

As our dependence on technology grows so does the risk. Reports show that in the last couple of year cyberattacks have grown exponentially. With this growth in attacks paired with President-elect Trump being vocal about the need for a more aggressive cyber security stance, it’s no wonder 2017 is set to see a steep increase in cyber security and policies.

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