• Smart devices recruited for large-scale cyberattack

IoT devices such as webcams, thermostats and even kettles may have been used to carry out a huge attack on multiple US-based website, according to the internet traffic management provider Dyn Inc, which was the main target of the attack.

The company believes that tens of millions of connected devices were infected with malware and then used to carry out the attack. It suggests that the hackers exploited security vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things.

Dyn Inc's chief strategy officer Kyle York emphasised the difficulty of dealing with the hack. He said: "It is a very smart attack. As we start to mitigate they react and start to throw something that's over the top."

A group called the ‘New World Hackers’ has claimed responsibility for the attack. A member of the group, who calls themselves ‘Ownz’ denied that blackmail was a motive for the attack, saying that the group had no demands to make. He then corrected himself and said: "We will make one demand actually. Secure your website and get better servers, otherwise be attacked again."

The New World Hackers have previously claimed responsibility for attacks on high profile sites run by the BBC, ESPN and the Islamic State.