• Working parents hit by lack of flexibility in the workplace

The vast majority of working parents in Scotland don’t feel that they have the right work-life balance, a study from Family Friendly Working Scotland (FFWS) has revealed.

The report showed that fewer than 1 in 8 parents with jobs think the balance between their personal and professional lives is “just right”. Inflexible working practices were a major reason for this lack of balance, with 4 in 10 respondents saying they would work more flexibly if it were possible, and 31% saying they would like to leave on time more regularly.

Working parents hit by lack of flexibility in the workplace

Nikki Slowey, FFWS’s programme director, said: "Our research shows flexible hours are the number one desire among working parents. What's more, it also shows workers feel more motivated and productive if flexible working is possible, so there's a clear benefit to business too.”

Almost half (44%) of parents surveyed said that their job meant they had missed important events involving their children. Slowey commented: “As parents we want to support our children through the many milestones in their lives, whether that's starting school, starring in their school play or preparing for important exams.”

The research suggested that parents who can work flexibly thanks to mobile devices and remote access to networks can plan around both their children and their job, reducing missed events with children and improving their professional productivity.