• Businesses urged to be more vigilant in how they monitor cloud usage

Organisations which use cloud-based services should be more rigorous in how they monitor their cloud service providers, according to research from Blancco Technology Group.

The device diagnostics company’s report, Lost in the Cloud: Data Security Challenges and Risks, has revealed that 15% of businesses ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ audit the cloud service providers they use. Furthermore, 26% of those surveyed were either ‘not confident’ or only ‘somewhat confident’ in their IT teams’ knowledge of how cloud storage providers are used.

Richard Stiennon, chief strategy officer of Blancco Technology Group, said: “Whenever storing data offsite with a cloud provider, organisations must be diligent in knowing where their data is being stored, how it’s being protected and when it needs to be removed (in the case of migrating data to a new vendor or consolidating data centres, for example).”

The study found that, despite the security risks involved in migrating data, 16% of businesses ‘do not know’ what security precautions they should take to prevent data loss or theft when decommissioning or shutting down a cloud server.

Stiennon also emphasised the importance of regular audits, commenting: “A cloud compliance audit should include a review of policies and procedures that the cloud storage provider applies to your data, the technical solutions in place to protect your data and the skills of technical or business staff responsible for your data.”