• Mobile connectivity costs businesses billions


Businesses are incurring massive charges for accessing the internet on mobile devices, despite efforts to bring the cost of mobile connectivity down, according to research from wireless network aggregator iPass.

The company’s study showed that the cost of being connected to the internet while out and about has reached £2.19bn a year, despite attempts by regulators and network operators to make roaming more cost-effective.

The iPass report estimates that the average mobile professional uses 6GB of data a month when travelling or working away from the office. Many of these employees rely on ‘free’ Wi-Fi in public places, but the report highlighted that these services often come with hidden costs.

Time wasted signing up to ‘free’ networks or attempting to work on networks that are too slow for purpose is estimated to cost between £578 and £874 per person per month in lost productivity.

Pat Hume, iPass chief commercial officer, said: “The direct and indirect costs of keeping mobile professionals connected are more than many businesses realise, highlighting the need for businesses to have greater visibility into their employees’ data usage.
“Cost-effective and secure connectivity is paramount, yet free Wi-Fi does not provide the simplicity and convenience that today’s mobile professionals require.”

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