• Majority of employees use personal devices at work

Most employees use their own devices for work purposes, according to research from Trustlook.


The company’s survey showed that 7 in 10 workers are using personal devices, however, just 39% of organisations have a formal BYOD (bring your own device) policy in place.

The report also revealed that 80% of companies do not provide their employees with devices which leads them to then use their own for work purposes. Over half of employees have never received instructions from their employer on how to use a personal device for work purposes.

Allan Zhang, Trustlook’s CEO, said: “BYOD can be great for productivity, but companies need to be more diligent about education, policy enforcement and security. We are seeing thousands of new malware threats each month that are capable of stealing confidential company information."

Businesses are advised to support their employees with the secure use of personal devices at work. Currently, only 14% of companies have a preferred mobile security app for their employees to use when completing work tasks on their mobile devices.

BYOD instructions to employees should include how to install anti-virus software, how to connect to an MDM (mobile device management software) and guidelines on what sort of information can and cannot be shared, according to Trustlook.