• Major cloud shift expected within the next three years

Large companies are planning to double their adoption of private cloud services by 2018, according to research from McKinsey & Co.


The company’s IT-as-a-Service Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure survey revealed that the move to cloud computing among large businesses is likely to reduce shipments of on-site servers by up to 5%.

The report said that many SMEs have already made the move. It added said: “Enterprises plan to reduce the number of workloads housed in on-premise traditional and virtualised environments, while dedicated private cloud, virtual private cloud, and public infrastructure as a service are expected to see substantially higher rates of adoption.

“Interestingly, on-premise private cloud environments, which have been adopted by nearly half of enterprises, are likely to stay nearly flat.”

In 2012, cloud computing generated $100 billion, a figure which is expected to rise to $500 billion by 2020. The companies with the largest capacity, such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google were shown to be most likely to benefit from a shift to the cloud. Almost half of these kinds of companies said they already use ‘hyperscale’ providers, while a similar percentage said they also plan to make use of smaller cloud service providers as well.

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