• Lack of trust in remote workers unfounded

Businesses are still reluctant to trust employees with remote network access, despite workers acting more responsibility in regards to security practices, according to research from OneLogin.

The vast majority of employees surveyed (90%) said that they wouldn’t share passwords for work owned devices, and more than 1 in 3 (37%) wouldn’t share them for personal devices, either. More than three quarters (77%) said they were the only one with access to the device used to work on the company network.

Despite this, half of respondents think that employees below mid-manager level should not be allowed to remotely access corporate networks, and more than a quarter (27%) think that remote working should be a privilege reserved only for senior staff.  

Per Stritich, VP of EMEA at OneLogin, highlighted the need for companies to place more trust in their employees, given their sensible attitude towards password sharing. He said: “The UK has fast become a nation of remote workers, who are constantly connected to the corporate network no matter where they are.

“Whilst it is clear there is a misplaced trust deficit in the UK, the reality is employers need to overcome their concerns and start building trust with their increasingly security savvy workforce.”

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