• Hyperconverged infrastructure on the rise

The proportion of businesses using a hyperconverged infrastructure is expected to increase over the next two years, according to a report by 451 research.


Hyperconverged infrastructure tightly integrates its component parts so that they cannot be used separately. The research revealed that this approach has been adopted by 40% of enterprises and that over the next two years this figure could rise substantially.

Christian Perry, research manager at 451 Research and lead author of the study, said: "Loyalties to traditional, standalone servers are diminishing in today's IT ecosystems as managers adopt innovative technologies that eliminate multiple pain points.
“Innovation inherent in converged systems and in hyperconverged infrastructure in particular, is driving process efficiencies and agility that are increasingly tangible."

The report said that the increasing popularity of hyperconverged infrastructure is changing the way that businesses work. Well over a third (41.3%) of very large enterprises (more than 10,000 employees) surveyed said that they plan to change the way their IT teams are laid out.

The adoption of hyperconverged systems is also leading to an increase in demand for virtual machine specialists, with 35.5% of businesses surveyed having added more of these types of employees to their workforce as a direct result of the change.

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