• Flexible working a priority for most people

Most people would rather have the option to work flexibly than a salary increase, according to research from childcare solutions provider My Family Care and recruiter Hydrogen.


The report revealed that over half (53%) of employees would choose flexible working over a 5% salary increase. This figure rises to 58% for working parents and carers. However, just a third of respondents felt that they were encouraged by their employer to work flexibly.

Providing employees with remote access to networks and mobile devices which can be used for work at home can allow staff to have flexible start and finish times, a benefit that almost two thirds of people would like.

Flexible working also brings benefits for the employer. Two thirds of employers surveyed thought that employees who had the option to work flexibly would be more loyal and would be more likely to stay at a company for longer. More than half thought that their staff would be less stressed and 92% said that employees who work flexibly are as productive as employees who do not, if not more so.

“Give your employees a bit of flexibility, some practical support and some cultural empathy, and they will be some of the most loyal and productive members of any team,” says Ben Black, director of My Family Care.