• Firms urged to focus on internal IT services

Businesses are failing to provide adequate IT services to some internal departments, such as HR and finance, a new research report has revealed.

The study, by Fruition Partners, warned that companies that are not investing enough internal services could incur higher costs and lower levels of productivity from employees.  Just 21% of organisations surveyed offer self-service facilities in departments such as legal, HR, finance and IT, and only 24% have service-level agreements in place for services across all business functions.
This is in stark contrast to consumer services, which are being automated and streamlined, and which are often run through the cloud. 

“If you look at life as a consumer, almost everything is now delivered to you as a service. If you want to buy something, book an appointment or get some information, you simply click a button. But in the enterprise, you still have to make phone calls, send an email or push paper around,” said Paul Cash, managing partner at Fruition Partners UK.

Of all departments, corporate IT was shown to be the closest to offering ‘everything as a service’. Almost two thirds (65%) of IT managers surveyed said that all facilities in their department were self-service, and 82% said that most or all of their offerings were clearly documented in a service catalogue or directory.