• Half of firms plan to increase server memory to support virtualisation

Increasing use of virtualisation means that many organisations will have to upgrade their server memory, according to research from Crucial.

The study showed that nearly half (47%) of companies are looking to increase their memory within the next 12 months. Two thirds said that they would need more memory if virtual machines were to become necessary to their work, with 42% claiming they would need extra servers. The majority were looking to add a minimum of 64 GB, whilst 44% were considering increasing their memory by 128 GB.

Michael Moreland, Crucial worldwide product manager, warned: “As virtualised workloads grow it will only become more difficult for IT professionals to keep up with the demands placed on server infrastructure.”

He continued: “Our study found that 58% of IT professionals are running less than 60% of their physical servers at their maximum memory limit. Whilst 46% of those IT pros said the memory installed was sufficient, others cited that a limited budget, limited time to upgrade and limited skills to upgrade was preventing them from maxing out further servers, potentially hampering their efforts to keep up with demand.”

This maxing out of memory limits is expected to become more common as server workloads increase.

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