• Enterprises increase their focus on cybersecurity as cloud usage rises

Enterprises are increasing their cyber security spend as the use of cloud solutions increases, according to this year’s PwC Global State of Information Security survey (GSISS).

The industries which are now seeing a large number of businesses using more cloud-based services include IT (63%), finance (32%), marketing and sales (34%), customer service (34%) and operations (35%). The majority of respondents to the survey (59%) also said they are now spending more on cyber security in line with their increased use of digital technologies in general.

Cyber Security

David Burg, PwC’s global and US advisory cyber security leader, praised organisations’ acceptance of new ways of working. He said: "We are seeing more of what we once saw as a risk, being turned into possible solutions. For example, many organisations are embracing advanced authentication as a cloud service in place of solely password based authentication."

Popular security measures revealed by the study include biometrics for authentication (57%), big data analytics (51%), and developing security strategies for the Internet of Things (46%).

However, Burg added that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to cyber security. He commented: "It’s a journey toward a future state that starts with the right mix of technologies, processes, and people skills. With those components in place, cyber security potentially serves as an indispensable ongoing business enabler."

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