• Dropbox gives business customers the option to store data in Europe

File hosting service provider Dropbox has fulfilled a promise to give enterprises the option to host data in Europe.

In order to meet a growth in corporate requests, Dropbox is now offering businesses with more than 250 employees the chance to store their information within European borders. As the company develops its European infrastructure, smaller firms will also be invited to choose where they want their data hosted.

European businesses have been particularly quick to adopt cloud storage and many of them are keen to have their data stored locally, and subject to European regulations.

A company spokesperson said: “Dropbox did look at different providers and locations and decided that a location in the heart of Europe was the right one.” The business has partnered with Amazon Web Services to host data in Germany.

In a blog post announcing the new initiative, Dropbox emphasised the importance of local data hosting for businesses. The company said: “It is an exciting time to work with European companies. The businesses we serve here are thriving – they are inventing products, creating jobs and building economies.

“We are proud to help them be more productive, efficient and innovative, and can’t wait to see what they achieve next.”

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