• Datacentre budgets set to increase

Datacentre budgets will increase by more than 10% next year, according to Technavio’s latest market report. This rate of growth is expected to continue steadily until 2020.

The report said that there are four key drivers of datacentre spending growth which include a lack of in-house capabilities for maintaining data centres, demand for storage capacity and adoption of virtualised infrastructure, demand for better network management and increased focus on sustainability.

A rise in demand for environmentally-friendly data solutions means that the green data centres market is expected to expand even more quickly than the market as a whole, growing at a CAGR of 27% to reach USD 75.89 billion by 2019.

Increasing data centre virtualisation is also making off-site data management greener as the virtualisation of these services is reducing power consumption and the need for physical space.

Angad Singh, a procurement intelligence specialist at Technavio, said: “Since the data centre services market is projected to see exponential growth in the next four years, suppliers are increasingly investing on improving infrastructure to help meet growing demand for data centres, support, and related services.”

He added: “More data centres, around 22%, are expected to be constructed by 2020 due to an increase in volumes of data being generated.”