• Cutting costs is a major driver of cloud adoption

Research from CompTIA has shown that money is a key motivator in the adoption of cloud computing by businesses.

The report found that for 47% of large enterprises, 44% of medium businesses, and 41% of small firms, reducing costs was a bigger motivator for moving to the cloud than increasing speed, modernising, and reducing complexity. It also revealed that 90% of companies are using the cloud in some way.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) was the most popular type of cloud technology being used by companies. Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis for CompTIA, said that SaaS gives IT “more flexibility across many areas when trying to build an overall technology environment."

Cutting costs is a major driver of cloud adoption

Over half of respondents (51%) used a cloud-based email application, 46% said their web presence was hosted in the cloud and 39% used it to facilitate collaboration between team members.

Robinson commented: "Cloud offerings can deliver cost efficiency, but they can also simplify workflow, speed up operations, introduce new features, or lead to new business products/services.

"The role of the IT team is not to simply implement a cloud component to perform a discrete function, but to drive business objectives forward by utilizing the right mix of cloud solutions.”

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