• Businesses have fallen behind in the fight against cyber crime, says Cisco

Organisations are ill-equipped to combat cyberattacks, according to Cisco’s mid-year cybersecurity report.


The global report revealed that unsafe employee behaviour, limited resources and outdated infrastructure are leaving many businesses exposed to ever more sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

A lack of commitment to what Cisco calls ‘network hygiene’ was also identified as a key area of concern. Making sure that operating systems, programmes and applications are kept up to date can, however, help to protect businesses, the report said.

Marty Roesch, Cisco security business group vice president, said: “As organisations capitalise on new business models presented by digital transformation, security is the critical foundation. Attackers are going undetected and expanding their time to operate.

“To close attackers’ windows of opportunity, customers will require more visibility into their networks and must improve activities, like patching and retiring aging infrastructure lacking in advanced security capabilities.”

The research also noted the rise of ransomware – a type of malware which demands money in exchange for allowing users to access their own systems. This has become the most profitable type of malware in history, according to the report.
Cisco expects these kind of attacks to increase in frequency, become more destructive and target a wider range of organisations.