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Did you know that Microsoft 365 comes with a number of in-built security controls, but there are still some security gaps which could leave your business vulnerable?


Phishing remains the #1 threat vector for cybercriminals to deliver malware and ransomware into your network. Breaching your defences and exposing sensitive and confidential data which can disrupt business continuity, breach data protection legislation (e.g. GDPR) and risk your reputation.

With so many workforces using Office 365 for remote working and new hybrid working approaches set to come in post-lockdown, more attacks and risks will inevitably rise: which means you need to consider and mitigate these risks.  What can you do to ensure the safety of your business?


  • Mark Lomas, Technical Lead, Probrand: Security for remote workers and the challenges they’ll face with protecting their data
  • Mark Olding, Pre-Sales Manager, Kaspersky: The tools you need to keep your data safe


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