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About Probrand

Probrand provides IT products, managed services and solutions to over 3,500 clients across small to medium sized businesses and all areas of the public sector.  We help customers procure IT more efficiently, and deliver IT services that run and transform business operations.   
Unlike traditional service providers that are sales people heavy or are pure e-shops, we look to engage you using technology and people in tandem to provide a better experience and more cost effective service. We have been working this way for over 25 years. And winning customers and awards along the way.
We were the first organisation to use real time price and stock comparison and then auto attach relevant pricing entitlements to save customers time when purchasing. We have been a managed service provider for over 15 years supporting over 500 small and medium sized business be successful through delivering services including managed security, back up and proactive support.
The combination of digital and physical ensures our clients can choose to engage us at the right time, in the most effective way to ensure you get the best outcome for your business.