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Myeloma UK

Probrand’s charity of choice for 2016 is Myeloma UK.

Registered as a charity in 1997, Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK focused on myeloma, helping patients live longer with a better quality of life.

Myeloma or ‘multiple myeloma’ is an extremely rare cancer of the bone marrow. The plasma cells in the bone marrow are faulty and multiply abnormally causing them to release only one type of antibody – known as a paraprotein – that has no useful function.

Unlike many cancers, myeloma does not exist as a lump or tumour. Most of the medical problems related to myeloma are caused by the build-up of the abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow and the presence of the paraprotein in the blood or in the urine. Myeloma affects multiple places in the body (hence ‘multiple’ myeloma) where bone marrow is normally active in an adult i.e. within the bones of the spine, skull, pelvis, the rib cage, long bones of the arms and legs and the areas around the shoulders and hips.

This charity is unique in its efforts to tackle multiple myeloma by accelerating the discovery, development and access to new treatments, while helping patients and their families cope with everything a diagnosis of myeloma brings.

Helping Out

Probrand will be supporting Myeloma UK with charity-related and fundraising events throughout 2016. We would also encourage individuals and companies that wish to make donations to do so by visiting the charity's website at www.myeloma.org.uk.

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