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Private Sector

We know business. We understand your challenges. We're here to help save you time and money.

At Probrand, we recognise that IT procurement must be a painless experience that gets the customer to appropriate IT at the best price. That means improved operational efficiency and a great purchasing experience.

The close yet neutral relationships we hold with vendors gives us the cutting edge when it comes to qualified guidance on appropriate IT for your needs.

Our own procurement technology daily provides us with product spec, price and availability data from over 2,500 manufacturers offering more than 150,000 products as well as qualified discounts relevant to any given audience. This enables us to access a £multi-million virtual warehouse of stock throughout the UK supply chain. Your single source for IT.

As we don't have the overheads or sales prejudice associated with warehouse and stock management, we critically recycle this saving back into giving you the best prices.

Our team can instantly get you to the best priced products in the shortest possible time. That means saving you time and money on buying the right IT. Best Practice and Best Value.

Why not engage with our specialist technology delivery arm, Icomm Technologies, to install and optimise your IT investments.

Probrand was a supplier of Legacy Reseller Services (ODA) to the London 2012 Games.

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The IT Index is based on Mercato technology.


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